2015 Legislative Session Exceeds Expectations…

by Adrienne Morris on July 15, 2015

Cindy Robert, Lobbyist
July 2015

So maybe I mean it exceeded my expectations… because so many others seem to be complaining. I am hearing “worse session” and “a tragedy” from politicos, but I just don’t see it.

I know the near super-majority for Democrats in both the House (35-25) and Senate (18-12) had people worried about bills bulldozing over the Republican agenda…Low carbon fuel standard, gun control, and paid sick leave certainly caused a clash, but for the most part, I saw considerate conversation, a true solicitation of and attention to opinions of others and amendments offered on many issues that satisfied all involved. And the political chaos that could have ensued with the changing of the State’s Chief Executive Officer, never materialized as Governor Brown seamlessly transitioned into the office.

Did the Republicans make head way with their major platform issues? No, but the Democrats did not get all they wanted either. That seems more balanced than some onlookers predicted. The clash of the parties did in fact lead to one failure of note as they did not agree upon a transportation package, which is disappointing, but a special session to remedy this could be in store.

So maybe my opinion is further biased…because you as my clients know that we achieved all that we set out to. For this, I am grateful for all your guidance and assistance, cheering and steering, participation and patience.

Click here to read Cindy’s full report which introduces and outlines bills from this session.

Following is brief detail on bills specific to AIA which have passed:

HB 2270 Resilience Officer Effective Immediately
• AIA Oregon requested this bill.
• HB 2270 creates the office of State Resilience Officer within the Office of the Governor to direct, implement and coordinate seismic safety and resilience goal setting and state agency planning and preparation for this purpose.

HB 2375 Contract Templates Effective Immediately
• Requires all state contracting agencies to use a contract form or contract template for all price agreements, cooperative procurements or procurements for which the Attorney General or the Director of the Oregon Department of Administrative Services determines that the specifications for goods and services, the terms and conditions, the scope or work or other aspects of a procurement or a class of procurements do not vary significantly among state contracting agencies.

HB 2716 Public Contracts & DBE Operative January 1, 2016
• Requires contracting agencies provide as material condition of public contract that contractor remain certified as disadvantaged, minority, women or emerging small business enterprise (MWESB) during entire term of contract if contract was awarded on basis of contractor’s certification.

SB 584 Public Contracts & DBE Operative January 1, 2016
• Requires contracting agency to suspend the right to submit a bid or proposal for disadvantaged, minority, women, or emerging small business (DMWESB) enterprise that exhibits pattern of failing to perform a commercially useful function.

HB 2843 Interagency Agreements Effective Immediately
• Authorizes Department of Consumer and Business Services and Construction Contractors Board for Board to enter into interagency agreements to perform duties on behalf of each other related to state building code.

HB 3526 Main Street Revitalization Effective Immediately
• Establishes the Oregon Main Street Revitalization Grant Program within the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department for the purpose of awarding annual competitive grants for preservation-based community revitalization and economic development.

Read further details here.


by Adrienne Morris on November 6, 2014

Oregon Architects,

The AIA Oregon Legislative Action Committee would like to extend a “Thank You!” to the 279 of you that fully completed the 2014 Position Statement Survey.  We truly appreciate your input.

A PDF summary showing the results of the survey, including many of the comments received, can be found via the following link:

AIAO LAC 2014 Position Statement Survey Results 

We hope you take the time to review the results.